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Who We Are

Insurance Paid Easy is a Philadelphia-based technology company. We offer an innovative payment solution for the insurance industry.

Through Insurance Paid Easy’s unique payment platform, brokers and carriers can offer insurance products and benefits to consumers. We efficiently, securely, and reliably handle payment administration to give employers, unions, associations, and self-direct consumers the tools to handle benefits administration.

Our Services & You


Offer More. Less Hassle. 

Our innovative solution lets Brokers offer a wider selection of benefits plans to employers, unions, associations, and affinity groups. The Insurance Paid Easy solution removes administrative overhead, giving employers and group leaders the freedom to offer comprehensive benefits plans. 

With Insurance Paid Easy, clients will never worry about carrier bills. We make sure that all bills are paid and provide full reconciliation. 

We streamline case management by providing fast case setup, a host of enrollee onboarding solutions, and a real-time dashboard to manage cases.


The bills are always
paid on time.

With Insurance Paid Easy, bills get paid on time, every time.

Insurance Paid Easy helps Carriers and Brokers manage payments effectively. Our SmartWire payment service packages and sends individual payments on an aggregate or individual basis. SmartWire provides all of the necessary data to support payments. We can even customize our solution to support intra-month funding reports and notifications.

Employers & Affinity Groups

Hassle Free Administration.

Businesses and Affinity Groups rely on us to manage the premium funding and payment processes that come with benefits administration. Our solution breaks the administrative barriers to managing coverage by removing the headaches associated with offering benefits to employees. By providing an innovative platform for managing payments, sign-ups and more, we make offering benefits to employees simpler for everyone.


Worry Free Payments.

We offer a streamlined, consumer-friendly method for individuals to manage their benefits options and their payments to insurance carriers. Using our payment solution is easy, secure, and hassle-free.